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Low-Voltage Divider for 5511 PVC Floor Box


Low-Voltage Divider for 5511 PVC Floor Box


Non-Metallic low-tension divider installs within the 5511 PVC Floor Box. The separate cable runs square measure used for voice/data service and power. The 6234 encompasses a power capability of nineteen.60 three-dimensional in. plus 2.40 three-dimensional in. per in. of tube.  
  • High strength rigid non-corrosive PVC construction
  • Provides a low-tension separation for multi-service applications once put in within the 5511 PVC floor box
  • Accepts Hubbell normal duplex or 15A twist lok duplex receptacles
  • non-metallic floor boxes and accessories square measure a cost-effective resolution to floor box installations
  • Use with fifteen Amp a hundred twenty five V applications
  • Made within the USA
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