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20 Amp Double Pole Type QPF2 GFCI Circuit Breaker


GFCI Circuit Breaker

Item #:CB20A2P Siemens GFCI circuit breakers are UL Listed and CSA Certified as Class A devices. These circuit breakers offer the new Self-Test and Lockout feature as required by UL 943, enabling the GFCI to automatically and continuously test itself to ensure that it is working properly. If it is detected that the device has been compromised, the device trips itself and locks out the homeowner from resetting the device, reducing the possibility of the homeowner incorrectly assuming that the device was tripped to prevent a ground fault.
  • Double pole, 240-Volt, 20 Amp GFCI circuit breaker
  • 10 kA interrupting rating
  • Includes self-test as required by UL 943 as an added safety feature
  • Suitable for a variety of construction applications including spas, hot tubs, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
  • Resists false tripping (shielded to prevent RF interference)
  • Provides Class A GFCI protection
  • White line neutral (pigtail) must be connected to the panel neutral for the device to function

30 Amp 240-Volt Fusible Indoor General-Duty Safety Switch


Manufacture: GE


  • Highly visible ON/OFF label and easy to grip red handle
  • Unobstructed gutter and self-leveling, 3-point mounting system
  • Integral cover interlock for added protection

30 Amp 240-Volt Non-Fuse Indoor Safety Switch


30 Amp Non Fused Disconnect Switch

Manufacture: GE

The GE thirty Amp 240-Volt Non-Fuse Indoor Safety Switch encompasses a removable interior and Ample area for easy installation and wiring. This switch options straight-through wiring and multiple knockouts to supply fast installation. The single-phase switch is rated for up to 240-Volt and is appropriate to be used as entranceway instrumentation once put in in accordance with the NEC
  • For use as a securityswitch in residential application or lightweight business applications wherever the duty level isn't severe Suitable to be used as entranceway instrumentation once put in in accordance with the NEC
  • Metallic case for sturdiness
  • Can be padlocked for additionalsecurity
  • Direct-drive, quick-make, quick-break mechanisms for a protractedlife
  • Spring-reinforced fuse clips facilitategive reliable contact and funky operation
  • Non-fused
  • Single section
  • 2 poles
  • 240-Volt
  • For indoor use
  • Meets NEMA standards
  • ANSI certified and CSA and UL listed
  • Removable interior and ample areaprovide straightforward installation and wiring Straight-through wiring and multiple knockouts for quick installation

30 Amp 240-Volt Non-Fused Indoor General-Duty Double-Throw Safety Switch


Manufacture: GE

MPN:  TC35321

  • Use to switch one load between two different power sources
  • Ample wire bending space
  • Lockable latch cover and 3 position (ON-OFF-ON) bright red handle

30 Amp Brass Cartridge Fuses (2-Pack)


Manufacter: Cooper Bussmann


  • Designed for one-time use
  • Features a non-current limiting design
  • Includes 2 fuses for convenience

32 Amp Enclosed Disconnect Switch for Motor Control, 3-Phase, Lockable, 600-Volt, IP65


Manufacture: ASI

MPN: SQ025003BC10

32 Amp Enclosed Rotary Disconnect Switch with 3-Poles. It is rated at 690-Volt and complies with IP65 and NEMA 4/4X requirements. This weatherproof rotary disconnect switch, used for motor control, is enclosed in a thermoplastic black.

60 Amp Double-Pole AC Type NEMA 3R Disconnect Molded Case Switch


Manufacture: Eaton


  • Plug-in molded case switch removes the need for pullout handles
  • No need for replacement pullout handles due to loss or theft
  • Break resistant “snap in cover” eliminates need for screws

60 Amp Double-Pole AC Type NEMA 3R Disconnect Molded Case Switch


60 Amp Double-Pole AC Type Disconnect Switch

Manufacturer: Eaton

An air con (AC) Disconnect provides associate installer or repair personnel with an obvious disconnecting suggests that whereas performing arts maintenance on associate air con unit. The Eaton Cutler-Hammer sixty Amp 120/240-Volt, 400-Watt formed Case Switch AC Disconnect is ANSI certified and CSA and UL listed. The unit is approved for outside use and options a golden enclosure with a formed switch. This safety switch is intended to disconnect power from associate air-conditioning unit and is rated for up to 240-Volt.
  • Amperage rating: sixtyAmp
  • Rated NEMA 3R for outsideuse
  • Single-phase, 2-wire, 240 vacationand 3-phase, 3-wire, 240 vac
  • Easy-to-remove high strength protectingdefend for easier wiring and mounting
  • Easy-to-remove front cowl(no screws or fasteners to remove)
  • 1 in. knockouts on all-time low, back and aspectof unit
  • Copper-rated line and cargolugs that square measure simply accessible Ample wiring house for mounting with a stud gun (single hole, a pair of or three purpose mounting)
  • Pad lockable door provision for safety and reduction of meddling
  • Metallic enclosures square measurebottom entry and exit solely
  • Non-metallic enclosures have knockouts and a hub provision for primeaccess
  • Non-metallic enclosures have oneunit door and protecting defend for installer convenience
  • Non-metallic enclosures square measure sturdy and supply glorious resistance to climate changes
♦Amp Supply

ABC Series 20 Amp Fast-Act Microwave Fuses (2-Pack)

Manufactre: Cooper Bussmann MPN: BP/ABC-20
  • Designed with nickel-plated brass end caps
  • Includes two 250-volt fuses
  • Both UL and CSA listed

Bussmann ABC-15-R

UPC:051712646192 15A 250V CERAMIC FAST ACTING FUSE 1/4 X 1 1/4 IN

Bussmann FRN-R-25


Bussmann GMA-500-R

UPC #: 05171264799