An average American home will require 14-36 solar panels to cover their capacity bill and at any rate 227 square feet of housetop space to oblige the solar panels.

The measure of energy that solar panels can retain, and afterward produce, is estimated in kilowatts (kW). The measure of energy your home uses over a certain time span, say a month, is estimated in kilowatt hours (kWh).

You need to know the number of kWhs your home uses to decide the measure of kWs your solar panels need to create to balance your utilization. You can likewise utilize this data to decide the quantity of panels your home will require.

In this blog, we will survey the variables that solar installers consider while suggesting the number of solar panels you need for your home.


Strangely, your home size does not really decide the measure of solar panels you need; a greater home does not approach more energy utilization.

To truly see the number of solar panels your solar energy framework needs, you need to decide:

  • The measure of energy your home uses: Look at month-to-month kWh utilized on your electric bill.
  • The heading of your rooftop: Southern-confronting rooftops get more daylight in the northern side of the equator.
  • The normal measure of daylight in your neighborhood: all the more essentially, the southwest gets the most sun in the United States, versus the upper east which gets some sun yet with more downpour and snow blended in.
  • The measure of wattage, or energy, the solar panel you buy can create: Solar installers can assist you with deciding your choices.

You can likewise utilize the solar panel mini-computer quickly beneath to give you a careful number of solar panels by entering your location and the normal measure of your month-to-month power bill. This solar number cruncher has solar creation information from all climate stations around the nation, and it is additionally ready to show you the expense and reserve funds you will get from going solar.


As indicated by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 2018 the normal month-to-month power utilization for a home in the United States was 914 kWh every month, or about 30.5 kWh every day and 11,000 kWh every year.

In any case, each house is remarkable and could utilize pretty much force than the normal home. Different variables can decide solar panel viability, for example, rooftop bearing, conceal, or the atmosphere where you live.

The solar framework size your home requirements will rely upon your power utilization and the atmosphere of your area.

The normal energy use differs broadly per locale for a couple of reasons. For instance, the upper east is more metropolitan, with numerous multi-family homes versus the south with more single-family homes.

The numbers change generally in view of the atmosphere of every area. For instance, you need a more modest framework in southern California in light of the fact that the sun sparkles the entire year. Yet, you need a somewhat bigger framework in New Jersey in light of the fact that there are more shady days and winters to consider.

Notwithstanding, your home’s energy use could be entirely unexpected than the normal. You can utilize our utilization our solar panels cost mini-computer to work out how much the quantity of solar panels cited in the table above for your state will cost. In spite of the fact that before you do this, it merits observing how the size of your home and your power use changes from the standard as this will at last decide the quantity of solar panels you need.


Regardless of whether you know the number of solar panels you need, it will not help if your rooftop cannot fit them.

Solar panel’s effectiveness implies that your solar panel is either all right, acceptable, or incredible at retaining daylight for energy creation. Higher effectiveness panels imply you need less of them, and thus, less area of rooftop space to create energy.

When you decide the kW size of the solar panel framework you need to investigate the measure of the room a low, medium, or high productivity panel will take up on your rooftop. If you have additional room to save, it may bode well to purchase lower proficiency panels since they are less expensive than higher effectiveness and can create a similar measure of power.

It is more essential to have a panel that produces more watts of energy versus a more proficient panel, however, to utilize the littlest measure of panels on your rooftop, you would require the most effective, most elevated wattage delivering panel. Figuring out which effectiveness level solar panel bodes well for your home will rely upon the measure of room you have.

At last, most homes should have the option to oblige solar panels on their rooftops. Working with an expert can assist you with deciding the best solar framework for your energy needs.


That is why we are here to assist you in deciding which solar system to get and where to get one.

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