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Lighting and Fans Equipment


About Lighting and Fans

Enhance the appearance of any industrial, commercial, or residential building. Shop for decorative lighting, recessed kits, housings, trims, and track lighting. For LED and fluorescent lighting systems, light troffers and ballasts are available. Light bulbs for LED, fluorescent, and incandescent lamps and fixtures are also available.

When necessary, ceiling fans provide additional cooling to rooms. They’re also ideal for slightly warmer days, providing just enough coolness when an air conditioner is too much. Choose from fan-only versions or trendy ceiling fans with lights to illuminate your space as it cools.

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Material Handling

what is Material Handling

What is Material Handling: In Industries Factories Warehouses, “Moving”, “Loading”, and “Unloading” of raw material and goods with the help of some mechanical equipment comes under the umbrella of Material Handling.

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