What is a Disconnect Switch?

Disconnect switches (also referred to as isolator switches, safety switches, and load break switches) are utilized to isolate electric circuits by disrupting the flow of electric current. By fast stopping the stream of electricity, disconnect switches permit for emergency shutdowns, switching to alternative energy sources, and upkeep.
Disconnect switches are usually made up of an enclosure, wired electric connections, and an actuator (handles, shafts, keys, etc.). The enclosure protects the connections from environmental dangers and protects users from touching cells. The knob or handle permits users to engage or disengage the connections without even opening the enclosure. For most applications it is strongly recommended to lock the disconnect button and tag it after it’s been triggered to ensure that other users don’t turn the switch back on.

Fusible & Non-Fusible Disconnect Switches

Both main disconnect switch layouts are fusible and non-fusible. As its name suggests fusible disconnect switches use fuses to protect against overcurrent and short circuiting. Compared non-fusible disconnect switches don’t protect against short circuiting and just change the electric flow off or on. Non-fusible disconnect switches are just advised on systems using error currents of over 5kA or a committed fuse upstream of their security change.

 Disconnect Switch Applications

Disconnect switches are frequently utilized in electricity distribution and industrial uses. In electricity supply, disconnect switches might be used in emergency situations to shutdown the ability to a specific area or to change from 1 power source to the next. In industrial uses disconnect switches might be used to disrupt power to motors and machines whenever there’s a security threat or when repair is required. Actually, disconnect switches are falsified by the National Electric Code (NEC) to be utilized in most industrial and production centers.

Buying Disconnect Switches

AMPS Supply is pleased to provide disconnect switches from each the manufacturers listed above. In reality, we’ve recently optimized our internet store for the complete lineup of Mersen low-voltage disconnect buttons. These Mersen low-voltage security switches are UL listed and CSA certified and arrive in fusible and non-fusible styles. Stop by biscoind.com to filter and search disconnect switches and ask quotations.

Learn More About Disconnect Switches

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